the ducks in the hat
Hi I'm Brittany Susan Pierce! I only wrote my middle name there so I could remember it.. I live in New York City (why do they call it The Big Apple? it's not an apple) with my best friends Santana and Puck. I teach dance classes to kids but I really want to be a professional dancer. I'm also dating Finn Hudson, he's totally cool and not actually a giant.

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day time sleepover @Finn 

Brittany walked down the street to Finn’s apartment. She could feel herself smirking as she looked down at her outfit. Okay, it wasn’t that bad but it definitely was one of her more revealing outfits. Obviously it was good enough because she noticed people giving her the once over.¬†

After a lot of whistling from strangers - obviously that wasn’t the most classy¬†neighborhood¬†- the blonde finally arrived at the apartment building. She pulled out her phone and sent her boyfriend a quick text. “I’m outside. Buzz me in? x” She quickly put her phone back in her skirt pocket and stared in the reflection of the door, adjusting her outfit.

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    She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. She trailed her tongue against his bottom lip.
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    He laughed and sucked on her shoulder, marking her himself. “Now we match,” he whispered before kissing her lips.